It is very general to come across certain issues while browsing the internet. Some of the most general ones among these are the DNS errors that seem to crop up from nowhere, thus pulling a stop to your work. DNS errors typically refer to sure glitches in Chrome where your system fails to appreciate and execute the address it has been offered. We have already discussed an array of DNS related issues on our site and noted the several ways to resolve them. In this post, we will be dealing in exacting with the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD CONFIG problem in Chrome.

If you’re not capable to connect to internet due to error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD CONFIG, which suggests a DNS connected error, don’t worry. You may tell this is a DNS related error from the error message. If internet connection is not working correctly, or if DNS server is not responding, this error would occur. Follow instructions below then you may access the websites again.

While you get this error, the first easy thing you may perform is restart the router. No further steps are required. Restart your router as well as check to see if the problem is resolved.

If that does’t resolve the issue, try below methods. There are two techniques you may utilize to fix the error.

Disabling/renabling network connection

    • Press Windows key as well as type “cmd” in the search bar
    • Right click “Command Prompt” as well as then opt “Run as administrator”
    • Run command: netsh int ip reset (reboot)
    • Just open Google Chrome >> go to Settings >> History >> Clear browser history “from the beginning of time”.
    • Now Go to Control Panel >> Network as well as Sharing Center (can also be accessed by right clicking on the Wi-Fi or network icon on the bottom right task bar)
    • Now you have to click the option “Change adapter settings” (on the left side)
    • Right click on your Network Connection as well as then opt Disable
    • Again right click on your network connection as well as select Enable
    • Now connect to your Wi-Fi or LAN. You may require to enter your password.
  • Open Chrome as well as try opening a webpage.

The above methods magnificently worked for me as well as solved the DNS Config error in a flash. Let me recognize if my fix worked for you as well. If you are still obtaining DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD CONFIG error, also try the techniques on this post: How to fix DNS Server Not Responding error in chrome browser.

Disabling Firewall as well as Antivirus

Another thing that can cause your chrome to lose itself is your firewall or Virus security package. If you receive the error after an upgrade to your virus package or you’ve made modify to your Firewall. This is the first place to look for the probable issue.

So, in this instant shutting off either one first and seeing if the issue clears. If it does you need to roll back to the previous version as well as contact your vendor for a fix or a workaround.

Getting Rid of Website Filters

If you are running any particular software that blocks certain sites or filters them out so members of your household can’t access sure web pages.

If after installation or making changes, your Chrome begins reporting the issue, temporarily disable the software or uninstall it and verify for proper operation of your browser. External Firewalls, such as China’s as well as Australia’s have been known to cause issues with chrome’s functionality. Purchasing a VPN may heal the problem as well.

Resetting IP Catalog.

Old filled IP code could be the reason for the DNS error of your PC as well as you has to replace the existing IP code with this code or if any code does not be present in the command prompt of your computer. So run window and just type command prompt and click on that or continue with accessories and type this code in the command “prompt nett int ip rese” now press enter. So now verify your Internet after restarting your PC.

Miscellaneous fixes

Updating you Network driver has been identified to fix the issue. Download the latest drivers from vendors websites as well as install them.

Delete cookies, Browser Temp files as well as cache. Deletion of the history file has also been recognized to correct this problem and so by deleting your browser’s history as well can fix the problem.

Finally try a dissimilar browser, as it may be a Chrome only issue. Firefox, Safari as well as IE explorer can all coexist on the similar machine as well as getting  an alternative browser may aid a great deal while attempting to isolate a connection issue such as this one.

If you perform in fact, isolate it to Chrome only. Then it may be finest to delete the entire browser as well as reload it from ground zero. Chrome or any of the present browsers are susceptible to error as well as connection problems. Being able to go through a sequence of dissimilar corrective actions can often save you time and the opportunity in exacerbating the situation.  

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