DNS Probe Finished No Internet or also considered as Dns_Probe_Finished_No_Internet is a common error in Google Chrome. Many users reported that they obtained this issue frequently.

Normally, this error occurs as a problem with the default DNS server that your computer or device is using. You may effortlessly fix it by changing your default DNS server to other DNS services like Google’s DNS, Open DNS, or maybe one of these services.

However, sometimes this error might be generated by other causes. Therefore, you could not solve the issue by just changing the DNS server. Instead, you might try to clear Google Chrome data (cookies, cached files, browsing history), perform a few Command Prompt commands, as well as uninstall apps or resetting your router or modem to fix it.

Causes of DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Error in Google Chrome?

Well, this is pretty much sure and we all recognize that this error is seen majorly in Google Chrome, well not just Chrome you might search it in other browsers too, for example in the latest Microsoft Edge. Now let’s have a look at possible causes for it, you know, it just might be the solution for you.

As the error states, it might just be a simple DNS issue and can be solved using some quick steps in hardly few minutes.

    • A browser must be compatible with the operating system you working on.
    • Some Router issue might be there, which may be solved by rebooting it.
    • An unknown website filtering application might be installed.
  • Some issues with your Firewall settings as well as Internet Security Settings.

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET  give information that there’s no Internet Connection Available. And so I suppose, that you’re on this page from another system that’s internet. The error is too common; it doesn’t tell us why, where as well as the way has it not got the internet, rather it simply says no internet.

Using Command Prompt (Most Commonly Used)

This step uses the Command Prompt characteristic of your computer. It is one of the most commonly utilized methods to fix the “DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet” problem.

Go to “Start”. Type in “Command Prompt” in the Search Bar. While it appears, right-click the command prompt. A list of options will show.

Select “Run as Administrator.” The next option will be “Command Prompt (Admin).”

Enter “netsh winsock reset” there. Do not modify the words or their spellings. Press enter.

Next, close the Command Prompt interface as well as reboot your PC. Your issue might get solved by this way.

Method 2: Just Clear Cache And Reinstall your browser

Clearing Cache in Google Crome

To clear the cache in Google chrome browser, click on the Customize as well as control button from the top right corner as well as then click on Settings. Scroll down as well as click on Show Advanced Settings. In the privacy section you have to click on Clear Browsing Data. In the new window check the box that says Cookies and Other site and Plugin Data also ensure Cached Images as well as Files after that click on Clear browsing data.

Clearing Cache in Firefox – For clearing the cache in Mozilla Firefox, click on History then clear recent history. Afterwards click on details. Check Cookies as well as Cache from there and click on Clear now.

You may also try re-installing the browser as well as see if it resolve the problem. Another option would be installing a innovative browser that you haven’t been utilizing already. Like Safari or Opera.

Flush your Outdated DNS/Fix DNS Probe

The error also shows if the DNS cache is outdated then you have is manually delete it.

    • To perform so simply enter; Win + R
    • Now you have to type cmd in the search box.
    • Type ipconfig /flushdns hit Enter.
  • Restart your PC to verify the Chrome of issue fix.

Disable DNS Prediction Services/Fix DNS Probe

    • First Go to settings of Chrome.
    • Scroll down as well as click on Advanced settings.
    • Here you will find an option of ‘Use Prediction Services to Load the Pages more Quickly’
  • Now uncheck the box as well as restart the browser.

Reinstall Browser

You might require to reinstall your browser in case the methods given above do not work. This trick will help you overcome the problem you might face.

    • Go to the Windows icon on the bottom. Go to All Programs. Then go to Control Panel.
    • In Control Panel, navigate to ‘Uninstall A Program.’ Click on it.
    • Go to ‘Uninstall or Change a program.’ Then, opt the Google Chrome entry and uninstall it.
    • Now Just reinstall the browser with downloading it from the web.
    • Install the browser.
  • You have performed. Start browsing.

Above these methods will help you to fix the “DNS_PROBE _NO_INTERNET” error by now. These were the tried as well as best working way. You can trustfully apply any of the above mentioned techniques in order to resolve the issue.

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